In Asia Pacific International School Bhopal, we see the beauty in variety and are proud to declare that we realize the need to have regard for individual talents and aspirations.


Our innovative Methodology of Education facilitates natural learning process rather than factory style education. The Asia Pacific International School embraces a child centered pedagogy besides aiming to raise its bar in all spheres. In fact it merges the traditional and successful teaching practices with modern trends to inspire a generation that seeks variations.

Mrs. Suchitra Dutta


In Asia Pacific International School Bhopal, Education is a continuous process of refining life. School education plays an important role in exploring and channelizing the real potentials of the young mind, Asia Pacific International School, Bhopal, is an aspiration to create an institution par excellence that delivers education with a scientific fervour. The developments in education have forced the generation next to be equipped with the latest and the best. In this process there is a need to develop expertise in order to develop the connection between the tradition and its path to future learning.


We at Asia Pacific International School recognize the crucial importance of quality education in the early years as one third of life's chances come from the environment and experiences during the first six years of life.


Our young minds that are in need of positive re-inforcement are provided with the required guidance and favourable conditions so that they may be able to face global issues and offer solutions.


The unique and innovative approach and matchless infrastructure of Asia Pacific International School helps the students to reach their fullest academic, physical and spiritual potential. The school empowers them to face the challenges of the future with confidence and enthusiasm.

We look forward for an active partnership of caring parents in our endeavour of shaping the unique personality and future of the child.


We would like to extend my best wishes to the school team and to the parents who have put faith in us and made it a motivating experience.

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